Examples of bias in news reporting: 'Jerusalem Caterpillar Bulldozer Rampage Kills 3 Jews, injures 66'

More than 60 innocent people in the Jewish state of Israel's capital of Jerusalem were injured, and 3 people were killed by a Muslim driving a bulldozer on a deadly rampage against Israelis. Here are eyewitness photos (courtesy of Augean Stables' Prof. Richard Landes' daughter, Noa, in Jerusalem, courtesy of Little Green Footballs).
Three people were killed and 66 were wounded - one moderately and the rest lightly - on Wednesday afternoon when a bulldozer driver went on a rampage in downtown Jerusalem. A half-dozen cars were flattened and others were overturned by the Caterpillar vehicle. A bus was also overturned, and another bus was heavily damaged. The attack, at the junction of Jaffa Road and Sarei Yisrael St., set off a panic in the area and left a large swath of damage in the heart of the capital. Traffic was halted, and hundreds of people fled through the streets in panic as medics treated the wounded. A car was dragged several meters by the bulldozer before being crushed under the vehicle. A baby was pulled out by a passerby before the vehicle was crushed, with the child's mother still inside.
Finally, an off-duty soldier took a gun from a security guard at the scene and shot the terrorist, who cried "Allah Akhbar" (God is great) before being killed. The soldier was assisted in neutralizing the attacker by Eli Mizrahi, a member of police's elite Yasam anti-terror unit.
Police said the incident was definitely a terror attack, but stressed that they had no specific warning. Three terrorist groups claimed responsibility for the attack, including the Al Aksa Martyrs' Brigade, which is affiliated with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah movement. The other two were the Galilee Freedom Battalion, which is suspected of being affiliated with Hizbullah, and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, a fringe left-wing terror group.
The Media Line video reports on the background of the 'hot-headed' assailant. How was it reported by media which you saw/read?
  • What was the reporter's 'spin' on the story? "Disgruntled employee goes beserk?" Where was the story directed (or omitted)- at the bulldozer, the victims, the event, the identities?
  • Who was the culprit: Palestinian? Arab? Muslim?
  • Was the possible motive addressed? Was it racism? Religious hatred? Seeking to kill Jews towards achieving martyrdom?
  • Was act called 'terror' or 'terrorism'? Why? Why not?
Please comment with reference to the media you saw.

From Honest Reporting: Caught: BBC's Shocking First Response to Terror Attack

We catch the BBC's despicable first headline before it gets changed.

At the time of writing, more details are emerging on today's (Wednesday July 2) terror attack on Jerusalem's busy Jaffa Street thoroughfare. A Palestinian resident of Jerusalem went on the rampage in a bulldozer, attacking two buses, a number of cars and innocent passers-by, killing at least three people and wounding dozens more before being shot by an Israeli policeman.

While BBC Online currently covers the story "Bulldozer rampage hits Jerusalem," this was not the original headline. Offering a glimpse into the BBC's warped journalism, the initial headline read "Israel bulldozer driver shot dead".

While, this time, we were able to catch the BBC before it amended its headline, this example offers further evidence of the BBC's mindset - the initial instinct to portray Israel as an aggressor and a Palestinian as a victim even if that Palestinian was actively involved in a terrorist attack against innocent civilians.

This pattern was also repeated on the BBC's television coverage (screenshot below from BBC World).

That this terror attack took place opposite Jerusalem Capital Studios, the local headquarters for many international media outlets, including BBC, Sky News and CNN, ensured that footage and coverage were available almost immediately. The BBC's very own correspondent Tim Franks even witnessed much of the incident from his office window. The BBC can have no excuse for not having the basic facts of the story in front of them from the very beginning.

Our Special One Year Analysis of the BBC demonstrated how its headline selection for stories focused on combat and terrorist attacks was inconsistent and favored the Palestinian side. Stories about Palestinian attacks never directly named the aggressors. Instead, headlines such as "Rocket injures dozens in Israel" were used.

Indeed, even the latest BBC headline "Bulldozer rampage hits Jerusalem", is also fundamentally flawed, failing to attribute the attack to the Palestinian individual who carried it out. Instead it refers to an inanimate machine as the instigator. Of course, the bulldozer did not carry out its actions of its own free will. It was not the city of Jerusalem, the subject of the headline, that was murdered, but at least three innocent Israelis.


DemoCaster said...

CNN-US broadcast UK's ITN's segment, reported by Lisa Adlum.

She started the story with the basis of the Israeli policeman shooting the Arab driver.

She spun it as a traffic accident run amok- 'Bulldozer on the loose - Palestinian driver killed by Israeli policeman' omitting reference to the Arab/Muslim terror political, racial, religious context in which it may have been perpetrated against Israelis.

What's her agenda, and why would it be accepted not only to ITV, but to CNN? Please join me in complaining to CNN.

Anonymous said...

DebkaFile explains the liklihood of the attack being terrorist motivated:

The bulldozer assault on July 2, a first in terrorist annals, claimed three Israel lives and left more than 70 people injured. The victims were Elizabeth Goren-Friedman, 54, Bathsheva Onterman, 33, and Zen Raluay, 68.

Lone Palestinian suiciders perpetrated all three multiple murders by unconventional means. All three carried Israeli IDs with jobs and benefits.

And all three killing rampages were stopped by off-duty soldiers or unofficial security personnel.

They had one other common denominator which has been largely obscured by Israeli authorities:

They were all claimed by a group calling itself the Galilee Liberation Brigades which DEBKAfile’s intelligence sources report is sponsored by the Lebanese Hizballah terror organization.

DEBKAfile’s counter-terror sources note that it was not by chance that Hizballah secretary Hassan Nasrallah gave a news conference in Beirut just hours after the Jerusalem attack. He confirmed that the prisoner exchange with Israel would go through in mid-July.

Nasrallah was imitating the style of the Palestinian master-terrorist, the late Yasser Arafat, who was wont to follow up “diplomatic” statements with major terrorist attacks, to demonstrate to his fellow Arabs and Muslims that actions spoke louder than words.

The bulldozer which careered down a Jerusalem thoroughfare, leaving in its wake crushed bodies and vehicles, bore Hizballah’s hallmarks.

Nasrallah had warned that the death of the Lebanese group’s military commander, Imad Mughniyeh in Damascus last February, would be avenged by unconventional means that would shock Israelis.

This was the first time in terrorist history that a bulldozer was used as an instrument of death. It presages more of the same: unpredictable atrocities that require no explosives or bombs, a nightmare scenario hanging over the lives of ordinary people, for which no preventive measures have been devised.

In August 2007, the first of the three attacks claimed by the Galilee Liberation Brigades in Jerusalem was carried out by a local gunman from Kfar Mande in the old City of Jerusalem. He murdered a security guard, only to be killed by his victim’s partner.

On March 7, another Jerusalem Palestinian from Jebal Mukabar, carried out the massacre of eight youths in the Mercaz Harav yeshiva. He was finally killed by an off-duty army officer who was a next-door neighbor. The claim of responsibility by the Galilee Liberation Brigades was broadcast by Hizballah’s Al Manar TV station in Lebanon.

Then too, Israeli officials went to considerable pains to disassociate the attack from any organized terrorist group.

Yet Israel’s UN ambassador was instructed to demand an unqualified Security Council resolution of condemnation of the attack. But who should be condemned if no identifiable hand performed it?

Joo-Tube said...

Dhimmi-Agenda Headlines (Al Jazeera ) "Deaths in Israel bulldozer attack"

(New York Times) "Construction Vehicle Kills 3 in Israel Attack"

Not a mention of the attacker or the attacked.

Tom Gross Media said...

Click on name to view Gross' extensive survey of the intentional underplaying of the 'Palestinian Muslim kills/terrorizes Jews in Jerusalem' story:
The New York Times July 2, 2008
"Construction Vehicle Kills 3 in Israel Attack"

The headline disguising the nature of yesterday’s terror attack was almost certainly written by staff in The Times’s office in New York, which has a long track record of playing down the nature of terrorism when directed against Israelis, and before that, of covering up the Holocaust.

And on the BBC website yesterday, the headline read “Israel bulldozer driver shot dead.” This is yet another, all too predictable attempt by the BBC to obscure the truth of the story, and to portray a Palestinian as victim even when he is in the midst of an attack.

The BBC headline was later changed to “Bulldozer rampage hits Jerusalem,” although this still makes it sound passive without naming the perpetrator or victims. The BBC has a long history of never mentioning whom the perpetrators or victims are in headlines relating to Palestinian terror attacks on Israeli civilians, but almost always does so in reports on other conflicts.