Admissions of Guilt: Mainstream Media Reporting is Biased against Israel

Pallywood in Gaza hospitals

Despite the destruction of the propaganda studios in Gaza by the IDF, Pallywood continues to fabricate propaganda for the world media from Palestinian hospitals.

Here is the CNN report which featured Hamas-conspirator, 9/11-truth denier, Norwegian Dr. Mads Gilbert alleging that an Israeli drone has killed the adolescent, Mahmoud Mashharawi, undergoing fake CPR. The package was filmed and submitted to CNN by Hamas propaganda accomplices, Ashraf Mashharawi (older brother and Hamas new-media publisher, and reporter Paul Martin).

Israel National News references the Little Green Footballs' debunking the legitimacy of the Dr. Mads Gilbert/Mahmoud Mashharawi-family piece. While CNN withdrew the piece from their website, they publicly continue to defend its validity.

Admissions of Guilt: Mainstream Media Reporting is Biased against Israel reported in IRIS Blog.

Close followers of the mainstream media's coverage of Israel have long claimed that coverage was biased against Israel.

Now the Jerusalem Post's Evelyn Gordon notes that there have been recent admissions of mainstream media bias against Israel in the form of reporting that purposefully emphasizes Arab victims while neglecting to report the context (Arab terror) that brought about Israel's response in the first place.

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