Dershowitz book fills gap broadcast news industry confab, NewsXchange, leaves overlooking examination of media-bias

As the annual NewsXchange convenes today in Malta, while several Israeli news creators are registered as delegates, no session addresses the illiberal journalistic bias demonstrated against Israel in global news coverage regarding Hamas (or any Islamic anti-Semitism).  

In the new book The Case for Moral Clarity, Alan Dershowitz explores the press' double-standards (bordering on hypocrisy) when failing to investigate and report Arabs' immoralities (against other Arabs or Christians or Jews) and over-reporting about Israel's self-defense against Islamist onslaught.

"Hamas' tactic of playing Russian roulette with the lives of Israeli children by firing thousands of rockets at a million Israelis, while employing human shields in order to maximize Palestinian civilian casualties, is pure evil

The Israeli decision to respond to this unlawful and immoral provocation by targeting the terrorists and their rockets is pure self-defense, authorized by international law, the United Nations Charter and universally accepted moral principles. Yet most of the world remained silent about, and many even supported, the Hamas evil tactic, while most of the world condemned Israel's entirely reasonable response.

When the media began to cover this latest war started by Hamas, and Israel's response to it, I noticed
a strong media bias against Israel. Sometimes it was quite deliberate, but sometimes it was simply the result of the media's understandable focus on showing dead and injured victims, particularly children

I decided that it was important to present a fuller perspective in the court of public opinion. Accordingly I set out to write a series of Op-Eds, defending Israel s right to protect its citizens by proportional military action. Over the course of the war I published my writings in the Wall Street JournalThe Christian Science Monitor, the Los Angeles Times, the Miami HeraldThe New York Times, the Washington TimesThe Canada Post, the Huffington Post, the Jerusalem PostFrontpagemag and other print and online media. I also participated in interviews and debates on CNN and BBC. The response was overwhelming. I received numerous emails and letters imploring me to circulate my views more widely, since the perspective I presented in my writings and appearances was very much a minority view in the media. When cease fires were finally declared, I decided to publish revised and updated versions of these essays and several new ones written especially for this volume in a short book, in order to make them more widely available in an easily accessible format, and to respond to the often erroneous and biased misinformation that passes for objective description.

This short book asks
why so much of the world has been so morally bankrupt - so eyeless in Gaza - when it comes to the conflict between Hamas and Israel. Why has there been so little moral clarity over this conflict between good and evil? Why does the media not do a better job of explaining that the dead Palestinian children it shows the world were killed because they were deliberately placed in harm's way by Hamas precisely in order to create these horrible images? Why is a double standard applied to Israeli self-defense actions? Why are the usual standards of criticism not applied to Hamas's double war crimes? 

Why are there so many more protests and so much more rage when the Israeli Army accidentally kills human shields in defense of its own children than when Muslims murder Muslims in cold blood and in much larger numbers throughout the world?

Why is terrorism justified by so many only when it is directed at  Israeli civilians?  Why is so much of the world so wrong when it comes to Israel?"

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