Palestinian reports, reporters discredited: Woman who was alleged to have died from riot police tear gas was not there; actually died from Atropine overdose by Palestinian hospital

At the end of an investigation into the death of Palestinian woman Jawaher Abu-Rahma over two weeks ago in Bilin, the IDF determined Wednesday that she died from an overdose of Atropine administered at the hospital. According to the investigation, Abu-Rahma hadn't even participated in the Bilin protest.
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How did Abu-Rahma die? / Yoaz Hendel
Op-ed: Palestinians have tendency to make use of human tragedies in order to smear Israel
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The conclusions of the investigation, which included an examination of her medical records, confirmed the IDF's evaluation that the young woman had died as a result of faulty medical care in the hospital and not from the crowd dispersal methods used by the IDF soldiers.  -YNet News

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