Is the AP on YouTube the 'golden age' of video news?

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While audiences for the networks news nightly newscasts have vastly shrunk and cable news nets have maintained which might called a niche audience, the emergence of the Web, social media and mobile as video-rich environments has powered video news consumption in extraordinary ways.

The Associated Press has registered some 645 million video views just on its YouTube channel since its launch in 2006. MSNBC.com has registered its biggest month ever this January with 158 million video views, we have learned.

As mobile and connected TV's become more widely used, video news consumption will continue to rise. How this is monetized remains to be seen.

Tomorrow at the Washington Post, we will explore this "golden age" in a two-hour panel panel discussion with Ann Derry, New York Times; Steven King, The Washington Post; Mark Larkin, CBSNews.com; Kevin Roach, The Associated Press; Anna Roberston, Yahoo! News; Mike Stephanovich, Reuters Insider; Mike Toppo, CNN.com; Jeff Whatcott, Brightcove; Stokes Young, MSNBC.com; and special guest, Chris "The Fix" Cillizza of The Washington Post.

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