R.T.N.D.A. honors Chris Wallace and S.F. TV anchor Belva Davis at joint S.P.J. & N.A.H.J. "Excellence in Journalism" show

Mr. Chris Wallace

The Radio and TV News Directors Association, long co-located with the National Association of Broadcasters Convention in Las Vegas, returns to the Pacific Time Zone for the first time since joining its annual Conference with the Society for Professional Journalists.

The winner of the annual Paul White Award this year is Chris Wallace of Fox News Channel. Mr. Wallace, will be honored at a VIP reception on Sunday, Aug. 25, with Ms. Belva Davis, the winner of the John F. Hogan Award Belva Davis, and past winners and other distinguished guests.
Ms. Belva Davis

In 1966, Belva Davis was the first female African-American television journalist on the West Coast. Following several posts in radio news, Ms. Davis served for 30-years at KPIX-TV in San Francisco.

Winner of the Paul White Award in 2010, CBS News' Steve Kroft told us his concern about how cable news channels polemic roundtables are replacing true journalism.

Mr. Kroft appealed to executive producers and news editors to provide better quality news television, and to viewers to prominently voice their dissatisfactions.  Here is his Paul White Award acceptance speech.

CBS News' Russ Mitchell discusses the evolution of network newscasts in the era of 24/7 news networks and digital distribution.

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